Latar Belakang PDK Selayang


PDK Selayang (Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti Selayang) telah ditubuhkan pada 1hb Sept 1991, oleh sekumpulan ibubapa kepada kanak-kanak kurang upaya (pada masa tersebut dipanggil sebagai kanak-kanak istimewa) yang anak-anak mereka telah dikeluarkan dari pembelajaran wajib di sekolah-sekolah aliran perdana di Selayang, dengan alasan mereka (OKU tersebut) "tidak boleh belajar". Alasan sebenar Guru Besar sekolah-sekolah tersebut ialah mereka takut graf pencapaian sekolah akan menurun.

Bermula dengan 15 orang kanak-kanak kurang upaya kelas diadakan sekali seminggu pada setiap hari Sabtu dari jam 8:30 pagi hingga 1:00 tengahari, dengan dilatih oleh seorang Petugas PDK (panggilan Cikgu PDK pada masa tersebut) iaitu Puan Noraini Othman.

Hari ini PDK Selayang telah berkembang pesat dengan jumlah pelatih OKU PDK seramai 102 orang melalui beberapa program iaitu Kelas Harian EIP, Kelas Harian LPV, Kelas Harian Pemulihan Perubatan (Pemulihan Anggota, Pemulihan Pertuturan dan Pemulihan Carakerja), Lawatan ke Rumah dan Program Rumah Kelompok (lelaki).

Kumpulan Sasar Utama:
OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya)

Kumpulan Sasar Tambahan:
Anak-Anak Yatim, Kanak-Kanak Kurang Bernasib Baik, Ibu Tunggal/Ibu Tinggal, Warga Emas dan Keluarga Miskin (dari lingkungan kumpulan sasar utama)

Kelas Harian EIP:
5 hari/minggu; Isnin-Jumaat; 8:30am-12:30pm.

Kelas Harian LPV (Latihan Pemulihan Vokasional):
5 hari/minggu; Isnin-Jumaat; 9:00am- 4:00pm.

Kelas harian Pemulihan Perubatan pula dijalankan seperti berikut:

Pemulihan Anggota:
3 hari/minggu; Isnin, Rabu danJumaat; 8:30-11:30am; untuk OKU dari keluarga miskin dan berpendapatan rendah.

Sabtu & Ahad pula dikhaskan kepada OKU yang keluarganya mampu bayar penuh kos pakar (OKU dari keluarga kaya).

Pemulihan Pertuturan:
2 hari/minggu, Rabu dan Jumaat 8:30am- 12:00pm; untuk OKU dari keluarga berpendapan rendah dan miskin dan hari 2 hari dalam seminggu dikhaskan untuk OKU dari keluarga kaya yang mampu membayar kos pakar.

Pemulihan Carakerja:
3 hari/minggu; Isnin, Rabu dan Jumaat; 8:30-11:30am; untuk pelatih kanak-kanak; 2:30-4:00pm untuk pelatih remaja PDK.

Program Lawatan ke Rumah:
2 kali/minggu; Selasa (2:00-4:00 petang) dan Sabtu (9:30am-12:30pm). Berdasarkan keperluan dan persetujuan dari ibubapa/penjaga untuk kehadiran Petugas PDK di kediaman mereka.

Program Rumah Kelompok (Lelaki):
Menempatkan seramai 4 OKU yang telah bekerja. (telah ditamatkan pada Januari 2015)

PDK Selayang yang ditadbir-urus oleh satu Jawatankuasa yang dilantik oleh ibubapa/penjaga OKU.

PDK Selayang dipengerusikan oleh Y. Bhg. Dato' Ir. Dr Haji Azhari Md Salleh, dengan kekuatan Jawatankuasa seramai 13 orang, (sila lihat
side menu).

Seramai 15 kakitangan berkhidmat di PDK Selayang yang diketuai oleh Penyelia PDK iaitu Puan Noraini Othman, (sila lihat
side menu).

Thursday, January 31, 2013

History : Kuala Lumpur : How It's Begin

KUALA LUMPUR: STARTING as a small tin mining town in the 1850s, Kuala Lumpur has since bloomed into the fully developed city it is today.

Initially opened at the confluence of the Gombak and Klang rivers by tin miners, Kuala Lumpur's landscape has seen great changes over the years.
From small nipah-roofed houses to being the proud owner of one of the world's tallest twin towers, the city has shifted from a township housing mostly labourers to becoming the heart of the Malaysian administration.
The rapid development started after Kuala Lumpur, then part of Selangor, was declared the state's capital in 1880.
In 1896, it was chosen to be the capital of the Federated Malay States, and continued to be the country's capital after Malaya achieved its independence in 1957.
Kuala Lumpur was conferred the city title on Feb 1, 1972, and declared as a Federal Territory two years later.
The city now houses hundreds of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers which cater to thousands of businesses, residential premises and administrative offices.
In conjunction with the 39th Federal Territory Day this Friday (Feb 1), the NST will publish pictures of Kuala Lumpur during its olden times from today to Friday to bring readers the nostalgia.
April 30, 1959: Two ‘raised gardens’ being constructed at traffic islands along Jalan Raja and Batu Road near the Kuala Lumpur General Post Office and the Municipal Office. When they are completed they will be filled with earth to be used for planting flowers and shrubs. This move, initiated by the Municipal Council, is aimed at making the Federal capital more attractive and discouraging the public from trampling on these traffic islands.

Chicago teen who performed at inauguration fatally shot

Violence ends the life of a 15-year-old majorette and volleyball player.

CHICAGO — The latest victim of gun violence on the embattled streets of Chicago is a high school majorette and volleyball player who last week was performing at events for President Obama's inauguration.
The president and first lady Michelle Obama said Wednesday they are praying for the family of Hadiya Pendleton, 15, White House spokesman Jay Carney said.
"It's a terrible tragedy," Carney said. "We see it far too often."
Hadiya and some friends were hanging out Tuesday afternoon at a park frequented by gangs near King College Prep, where Hadiya was a sophomore. Police say a group of 10 to 12 teens had taken shelter under a canopy during a rainstorm when someone jumped a fence, ran toward the group and opened fire.
A boy, 16, also was shot and was hospitalized in serious condition. The Chicago Tribune reports that most of the people in the park were gang members and that other kids in Hadiya's group were not cooperating with officers. Police say Pendleton does not have an arrest history and there's no indication she was part of a gang.
Hadiya was a majorette and a volleyball player. She performed with other King College students at the inaugural events in Washington, D.C., last week.
Hadiya was "a great, great wonderful young lady — a walking angel," says her adult cousin Shatira Wilks.
"She was very athletic, played a lot of sports" and was a majorette and cheerleader, Wilks says. Her participation in the inauguration "was huge," she says, "but not as huge as being scheduled to go to Paris this summer."
The girl's family, including her 10-year-old brother, Nathaniel, is not handling her death well, Wilks says. She says Hadiya was not involved in gangs and her neighborhood "is not a bad area."
"These kinds of things just happen in cities where the gun laws just need to be modified," Wilks says. "I think if people play a role in raising their children correctly, this kind of thing won't happen."
Hadiya's death is another tragedy for a city in a pitched battle with gangs and murder. Driven by gangs, drugs and guns, the city's 2012 murder count of 506 topped even New York City, which has three times the population of Chicago.
Chicago has had 42 homicides so far in 2013, the most at this point in a year since 2002, says police spokeswoman Melissa Stratton.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel called Hadiya's parents Wednesday and later told reporters, "Nothing pains you more than calling a fellow parent, trying to comfort them."
Emanuel, a Democrat who is pressing for tougher gun laws, encouraged anyone with information about the murder to come forward.
"She had dreams," he said of Pendleton. "And this gang-banger, this punk, took that away."

Study: Erectile dysfunction SIGNALS heart troubles

Human heart
Human heart
ERECTILE dysfunction might signal more than a need for the little purple pill, researchers said Tuesday in a study showing a link with heart disease and early death.

The Australian study — the world's largest investigating links between erection problems and heart disease — suggested erection problems could act as a warning sign of more serious health issues.

"The risks of future heart disease and premature death increased steadily with severity of erectile dysfunction," whether or not there was a history of cardiovascular disease, study director Emily Banks said.

Previous studies had found ties between severe erection problems and heart attacks and strokes, but this study was the first to also include mild and moderately severe erection problems.

"These results tell us that every man who is suffering from any degree of erectile dysfunction should be seeking medical assistance as early as possible and also insisting on a heart health check by their GP at the same time," said Rob Grenfell, Cardiovascular Health director at Australia's Heart Foundation.

The study, published this week in the "PLOS Medicine" journal, followed 95,000 men aged 45 and older for two to three years.

The men responded to a survey on their health and lifestyle, and the authors also studied any records of hospital stays or deaths in the group.

Over the study period, there were 7,855 hospitalisations for cardiovascular disease and 2,304 deaths.

Banks said that the study indicated that erection problems seemed to a symptom of heart problems.

"Rather than causing heart disease, erectile dysfunction is more likely to be a symptom or signal of underlying 'silent' heart disease and could in future become a useful marker to help doctors predict the risk of a cardiovascular problem.

"This is a sensitive topic but men shouldn't suffer in silence; there are many effective treatments, both for erectile dysfunction and for cardiovascular disease," she emphasised.

Erection problems are very common. About one in five men over 40 report moderate or severe erectile dysfunction. 

Foto Pilihan : Anak gajah pygmy yang terselamat dari keracunan

Foto Menarik
SEBANYAK 10 ekor gajah ditemui mati sejak dua minggu lalu dipercayai akibat racun
di Hutan Simpan Gunung Raya kira-kira 130 Kilometer dari Tawau.
Daripada jumlah itu, tujuh adalah betina dan selebihnya jantan berusia
seawal empat tahun. FOTO Reuters (29/01/2013)
Foto Menarik
KOTA KINABALU: Anak gajah Pygmy yang terselamat daripada keracunan berada
dalam keadaan stabil dan diberi perlindungan di Taman Hidupan Liar Lok Kawi, di sini.
FOTO Lano Lan (30/01/2013)

Three more pygmy elephants found dead in Tawau

KOTA KINABALU: The remains of three more endangered Borneo pygmy elephants have been found in the Gunung Rara Forest Reserve, taking the total death toll to 13.
State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjunconfirmed the latest discovery of the decomposing bodies of a male and two female elephants in the area where 10 others were found earlier.
There is a possibility that more could be found as wildlife officials believe that all the 13 elephants and a rescued calf were part of a single herd.
They are believed to have consumed some form of natural or pesticide poison while roaming in the Yayasan Sabah forest management unit 23 (FM23) that is locked between Sabah's Maliau Basin and Danum Valley forest reserves.
Masidi said that suspicion was growing that foul play had a role in the deaths.
“No amount of laws and enforcement can be effective if people do not have the sense of responsibility that these animals belong to the people,” he said on Wednesday.
He has ordered his ministry's permanent secretary Datuk Michael Embanto take over as chairman of the special task force set up to investigate the deaths, which have been dubbed a “conservationist's nightmare.”
Meanwhile, the Sabah Wildlife Department is waiting for a chemist's report on the possible causes for the deaths of the elephants, which were found since Dec 29 and Jan 29.

Alamat Terkini - PDK Selayang - Latest Address

Dikemaskini pada 31.01.2013

No. 7078, Jalan 12,
Taman Selayang Baru,
68100 Batu Caves, Selangor D. E., MALAYSIA.
Tel: +603-6137 3467;
Fax: +603-6120 8644;
Facebook: Pdk Selayang

Contact Person:

  1. Encik Mohd Yusof Tawil; Naib Pengerusi II.
    • Tel: +6017-885 8308.
    • E-mail:
  2. Puan Noraini Othman; Penyelia.
    • Tel: +6019-668 8308.
    • E-mail:
  3. Puan Jamaliah Ahmad; Penolong Penyelia I.
    • Tel: +6019-397 6551.
    • E-mail:

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Senarai Pusat-Pusat PDK di Negeri Sarawak

Senarai Pusat-Pusat PDK Negeri Sarawak


No. 9, Jalan Ridgeway Off Jalan Ong Tiang Swee,
93200 Kuching Sarawak.
Tel :+6082 - 251336
Fax: +6082-242971
Contact Person : Wendy Mandau (Penyelia)

254, Kampung Semariang Batu
93050 Kuching Sarawak.
Tel :+6082 - 311521
Contact Person : Kasiah Bujang (Penyelia)

Lot 71,Jalan Tuna 1 Kampung Buntal,
93050 Kuching Sarawak.
Tel :+6082 - 846896
Contact Person : Roslina Abdullah (Penyelia)

Kem Penrissen Batu 8,
93677 Kuching Sarawak.
Tel :+6082 - 621380
Contact Person : Motid Nais(Penyelia)

D/A,Hospital Peringatan Rajah Charles Brooke,
Batu 13, Jala Puncak Borneo,93250,
Kuching Sarawak.
Tel/Fax :+6082 - 618580
Contact Person : Kasiah Bujang (Penyelia)

No. 58, Lorong 4, Taman Sentah Indah,
Batu 17, Jalan Kuching-Serian.
Contact Person: 


No 280, Lorong 1, Kampung Suba Bandar,
KM 1, Jalan Bau/Lundu,
9400 Bau, Sarawak.
Tel/Fax :+6082 - 762613
Contact Person: 

Jalan Serikih, 94000 Bau, Sarawak.
Tel :+6082 - 380996
Contact Person : Lucy (Penyelia)

c/o Klinik Kesihatan Serasot,
94000 Bau, Sarawak
Contact Person:


Lot 42,Lorong 4C, Kampung Tanjung Bundong,
94300 Kota Samarahan Sarawak.
Tel/Fax :+6082 - 865464
Contact Person : Siti Hajar Drahman (Penyelia)

Kpg Tambirat Hilir, 
94600 Samarahan,
Tel/Fax :+6082 - 436107
Contact Person : Sabarriah Amit (Penyelia)

Kampung Sadong Jaya,
94600 Asajaya Sarawak.
Tel/Fax :+6082 - 821416
Contact Person : Zaima Bt. Jali (Penyelia)


Quarters No. 3, Rumah Kanak-Kanak Datuk Ajibah Abol KM5,
Jalan Sabu, 95000 Sri Aman Sarawak.
Tel/Fax :+6083 - 321730
Contact Person : En. Hasrul(Penyelia)


No 26, Lorong 2 Jalan Durian,
96100 Serikei, Sarawak.
Tel/Fax :+6084 - 652660
Contact Person : Shamsiah Matsaleh (Penyelia)


Jalan Hj. Mohd Fauzi,
96400 Mukah, Sarawak.
Tel/Fax :+6084 - 872675
Contact Person : Puan Madelen (Penyelia)



Perpikat Bintulu, Lot 3805, Jalan Dirwata,
97000 Bintulu, Sarawak
Tel/Fax :+6086 - 314315
Email :
Contact Person : Mr. Hi Ming Hua (President)

Lot 1310, Lorong B9, RPR Sebiew,
97000 Bintulu, Sarawak.
Tel: +6086-312024
Fax: +6086-312024
Contact Person:



No. 140, Ex-Shell Quarters, Piasau Camp,
Jalan Pantai, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.
Tel :+6086 - 471196
Fax :+6085 - 662810
Contact Person : Ms. Chiong Bee Lan (Penyelia)


Lot 348, Bangunan Deng Wan Pelita Commercial Centre,
PO Box 1814, 98000 Miri Sarawak.
Tel/Fax :+6016 - 8743860
Contact Person : Pn. Elizebeth (Pengerusi)



Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Bahagian Limbang,
Lot 1656, Tingkat Bawah, Bangunan Ang Cheng Hoon,
Jalan Bangkita, 98700 Limbang Sarawak.
Tel :+6085 - 211930
Fax : +6085 - 215292
Contact Person : Dyg Siti Norlila Bt. Mahmud (Penyelia)


No. 1, Lot No. 225, Perumahan Paya Udak,
Jalan Emperan-Engkabang,
95700 Betong, Sarawak
Contact Person:


KM 27, Jalan Nibong Tada, Bawan,
96700 Kanowit, Sarawak.
Tel: +6084-219914

Lot 1199-1204, Sublot 5775, S/L 49,
Sibu Jaya, 
Sibu, Sarawak.
Tel:+6019-876 7650
Contact Person: 


Sublot 48, Lot 2141, Menuan land District,
Jalan Beleteh,
96800 Kapit, Sarawak.
Tel: +6084-798863
Fax: +6084-798863
Contact Person:

Mangsa Buaya : 'Saya hampir hilang nyawa'


'Saya hampir hilang nyawa'

PAGI itu agak sunyi berbanding hari-hari sebelumnya, tiada bunyi kicauan burung kecuali unggas hutan yang galak sejak malam tadi.
Cuaca agak gelap. Air Sungai Batang Lupar mengalir lesu dan dalam keadaan berbalam-balam, kelihatan beberapa kayu reput dihanyutkan dari hilir sungai.
Pagi itu, tanggal 5 Jun 2007, kira-kira jam 6.30 pagi, seperti rutin hariannya, Abang Marais Abang Adeng, 66, turun ke sungai mengalihkan perahunya yang digunakan untuk menangkap ikan.

Di dalam hati, dia tidak pernah terfikirkan apa-apa walaupun sungai itu banyak meragut nyawa manusia, bukan kerana lemas tetapi menjadi mangsa buaya.
ABANG Marais menunjukkan tempat dia diserang buaya sepanjang empat meter ketika mahu mengubah perahunya.

Baginya ajal ditentukan Ilahi, jika ditakdirkan mati, sesiapa pun tidak boleh berbuat apa-apa.

Ketika turun ke sungai, hujan renyai-renyai dan sesekali pandangannya tertumpu ke beberapa perahu lain yang ditambat di jeti.

Dulu, ketika kanak-kanak, sungai itu sering menjadi tempat dia dan rakan-rakannya bermain. Justeru, tidak hairanlah, kanak-kanak di kampung itu mahir berenang.

Ketika itu, air sungai agak dalam, melepasi kepala kerana air pasang dan sambil ke perahunya, bapa kepada 10 anak itu tersenyum sendiri mengenangkan kisah silam. Kehidupan zaman kanak-kanak memang me­nyeronokkan.

Ketika berenang beberapa meter dari perahunya, tiba-tiba dia mendengar air sungai berkocak kuat dan serentak itu, seekor reptilia berukuran empat meter panjang dan satu meter lebar meluru ke arahnya dari belakang.

Abang Marais panik seketika, apakah makhluk itu?

Ketika cuba menoleh, dia terkejut melihat seekor buaya dengan mulut terbuka mahu menggigitnya.

Melihat buaya secara dekat begitu memang menakutkan, jika tiada ilmu dan pengalaman, pasti menjadi mangsa sang bedal.

Namun, pengalaman sebagai nelayan, dia mengumpul segala kudrat kerana dia faham benar perangai buaya, sekali menggigit, haiwan itu tidak akan melepaskan mangsanya.

"Saya masih ingat, ketika berenang ke perahu, kira-kira 50 meter dari tebing, leher saya diterkam sesuatu dan apabila menoleh ke belakang, 'objek' itu cuba melemaskan saya.

"Saya menggunakan segala kudrat bagi menyelamatkan diri," katanya.

Mulutnya tidak henti-henti membaca ayat suci al-Quran, malah dalam fikirannya dia hanya mahu melepaskan gigitan itu.

"Saya ternampak kayu belian yang dipacak lalu memaut menggunakan ta­ngan kiri. Nyawa saya ketika itu bagaikan telur di hujung tanduk, namun saya bulatkan tekad dan bertawakal.

"Ketika itu saya terbayangkan isteri, Boriah Bujang dan 10 anak di rumah. Apa terjadi jika saya tiada lagi, siapa akan mencari rezeki? Isteri kehilangan suami dan anak-anak tanpa ayah lagi.

"Saya tawakal kepada Allah kerana jika Yang Maha Esa masih memberi izin, saya berazam untuk hidup lagi," katanya.

Air sungai yang tadinya tenang, kini bergelombang kerana dua makhluk bertarung antara hidup dan mati.

Katanya, buaya itu beberapa kali cuba melemaskan saya tapi tangan kiri saya tidak melepaskan pautan itu dan menggunakan tangan kanan, dia cuba membuka mulut buaya.

"Seperti ada kuasa luar biasa, saya melawan haiwan yang dianggap 'raja sungai'.

"Saya kata dalam hati, mesti lawan haiwan ini, bukan menyerah dan terus menjadi mangsa walaupun mulutnya menggigit tubuh saya.

"Saya terus berusaha membuka mulut sang bedal.

"Apabila bahagian leher terlepas, buaya itu cuba menggigit tangan tetapi saya terus melawan.

"Seperti tidak percaya, buaya itu melepaskan gigitan lalu melarikan diri," katanya yang ditemui di rumahnya di Kampung Tengah, Lingga, Sri Aman.

Dia naik ke darat dalam keadaan tubuh dibasahi darah selepas beberapa bahagian koyak akibat terkena gigitan.

Dalam kesakitan, dia meminta pertolongan penduduk kampung sebelum dihantar ke Klinik Lingga, namun disebabkan kecederaan parah, dia dikejarkan ke Hospital Sri Aman dan terlantar selama hampir seminggu dan lebih 50 jahitan.

Menceritakan pengalaman melawan sang bedal, Abang Marais berkata, dia tidak sebarang ilmu melainkan bertawakal kepada Allah.

"Saya tiada ilmu menundukkan buaya, itu semua takdir Ilahi," katanya.

Sungai Batang Lupar cukup terkenal dengan kelibat buaya, malah penduduk kerap terserempak raptilia itu ketika air surut malah ada yang berukuran 12 meter panjang dan berwarna hitam.

"Ada seekor buaya katak berwarna hitam, kerap ditemui penduduk melintang melawan arus sungai. Setakat ini, kedua-dua buaya itu tidak mengganggu penduduk kampung," katanya.

Katanya, Perbadanan Perhutanan Sarawak (SFC) ada memberitahu, ­biasa­nya buaya mengganas antara Jun hingga September kerana dalam tempoh itu, reptilia berkenaan sedang ­mengawan," katanya.


Terdapat dua jenis buaya di Malaysia iaitu:
  • Buaya tembaga (Crocodylus Porosus) yang turut dikenali sebagai buaya katak, buaya muara dan buaya air masin. Panjangnya melebihi tujuh meter (23 kaki). Boleh menghasilkan 60 - 80 biji telur dalam satu masa.
  • Buaya julung-julung (Tomistorma Schlegelli). Panjangnya melebihi empat meter (13 kaki). Boleh menghasilkan 20 - 60 biji telur dalam satu masa.
  • Buaya di Sungai Sarawak kebanyakannya daripada spesies Crocodylus Porosus atau lebih dikenali buaya katak yang biasanya boleh hidup di kawasan air tawar dan air masin.
  • Buaya katak berukuran empat hingga enam meter panjang, mempunyai jalur putih di belakang badannya dan dikatakan berumur lebih 50 tahun serta bermaharajalela di Sungai Batang Lupar sejak 1941.
  • Penduduk tempatan Sarawak mendakwa Bujang Senang bersaiz 30 meter dengan keseluruhan badan berwarna putih.
  • Buaya jantan dewasa berukuran lima meter panjang, namun terdapat buaya yang panjangnya melebihi enam hingga tujuh meter dengan berat antara 1,500 hingga 2,500 kilogram.
  • Buaya betina bersaiz lebih kecil berbanding buaya jantan dengan purata ukuran panjangnya antara dua hingga tiga meter.
  • Dikatakan, di kalangan manusia yang menjadi mangsa Bujang Senang, tidak ada seorang pun daripada kaum Bidayuh kerana adanya perjanjian antara sang bedal dengan keturunan kaum Bidayuh.
  • Pada 1980-an, masyarakat di negeri ini pernah gempar dengan kejadian seekor buaya ganas bergelar ‘Bujang Senang’ yang mendiami Sungai Batang Lupar di Sri Aman, Sarawak menyerang dan membaham beberapa mangsa.
  • Sekitar 1982 sehingga 1991, reptilia sepanjang tujuh meter itu membaham 13 penduduk kampung. Selepas membunuh mangsa yang ke-14, haiwan itu dibunuh pemburu berbangsa Iban dan anggota polis.
  • Serangan buaya di Sungai Batang Lupar sering dikaitkan dengan Bujang Senang sehinggalah reptilia itu dibunuh pada 22 Mei 1992.
  • Khasiat Embun Pagi

    Menurut perubatan tradisi orang-orang Melayu, air "Embun" merupakan air yang berkat lagi mujarab.

    Ia diturunkan dari langit secara lembut dan pelahan-lahan. Orang Melayu pernah menamakan "Embun Jantan" kepada embun yang turun di tengah-tengah malam dimana butiran agak kasar.

    Firman Allah S.W.T di dalam Al-Quran surah Qaaf ayat ke-9 "Dan Kami menurunkan dari langit akan air yang berkat." (Qaaf:9)

    Embun-embun ini dikala paginya, kita dapat saksikan masih berada di daun-daun pokok dan dihujung-hujung rumput dan semasa matahari sedang memancarkan cahayanya, kelihatan cahayanya bersinar-sinar seperti permata berlian, malah dijumpai pula "Geliga Embun" yang juga mempunyai khasiat.
    Ini adalah kurniaan Allah S.W.T kepada kita, makhluknya yang termulia.

    Menurut ilham yang diperolehi orang-orang tua yang soleh, air embun merupakan sejenis penawar dan mempunyai daya (energi).
    Petua orang tua dulu-dulu akan keluar ke perkarangan rumah atau ditepi-tepi jalan dan menyapukan muka, lengan, siku dan betis mereka supaya segar dan kuat bertenaga.

    Didalam hukum Fiqh Islam, air embun adalah antara jenis-jenis air yang boleh dan harus digunakan untuk berwuduk.

    Mungkin ramai yang tidak mengenai pokok bemban. Untuk pengetahuan anda, pokok bemban merupakan pokok yang mempunyai daun tunggal dan berbatang bulat halus. Dalam pucuk pokok ini didapati kaya dengan air embun pagi yang jernih dan jernih. Air ini kerap digunakan oleh nenek-nenek kita sebagai air pencuci mata dan penenang jiwa.

    Bacalah Bismillah dan berselawat kepada Junjungan Kekasih Kita Nabi Muhammad S.A.W dengan ikhlas

    Monday, January 7, 2013

    ALERT!!! ALERT!!! ALERT!!! SONAMU approaching east cost.....

    ALERT !!!! ALERT!!!...ALERT!!!...Ribut Tropika Sonamu akan melanda MALAYSIA terutama PANTAI TIMUR...Ia dijangka pada 8 JAN (SELASA)...

    Nasihat Ribut Tropika
    Di keluarkan pada 08:52PM 06 Januari 2013

    Peringkat : Ribut Tropika (SONAMU).
    Masa Pencerapan : 8:00 malam, 6 Januari 2013.

    Kedudukan : Latitud 7.5 Utara; Longitud 109.3 Timur; kira-kira 472 km ke Tenggara Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    Pergerakan : Ke arah Barat dengan perlahan.

    Jarak dari Bandar terdekat : Kira-kira 718 km ke Timur Laut Dungun, Terengganu.

    Kesan terhadap Malaysia : Keadaan ini boleh menyebabkan angin kencang dan laut bergelora di perairan Laut China Selatan.

    sumber :

    Saya menggesa MEDIA buat laporan 24 jam terus menerus bagi menyalurkan maklumat.

    Agensi Kerajaan,NGO dan lain-lain perlu digerakkan segara berhadapan sebarang kemungkinan.

    Gencatan Politik perlu untuk menumpukan semua usaha berhadapan situasi getir ini.



    via - SubhanAllah, Indahnya Ciptaan الله

      Saturday, January 5, 2013

      Looking for Homestay in Kundasang/Mount Kinabalu/Sabah : Sila ke Walai Tokou Kundasang

      Homestays urged to be more professional

      GETTING READY: Guest dancers from Misompuru Homestay Kudat rehearsing for the festival.
      THE homestays in Kundasang, Ranau, need to upgrade not only the level of professionalism in dealing with their clientele but also the quality of their packages and accommodation facilities.

      “We need to be more co-ordinated and cohesive in tapping the homestay market effectively,” said Kohadie Watiman, vice president of the Homestay Association Malaysia.

      Kohadie Watiman
      “I think we have been fairly successful in our venture and I believe we will continue thrive in this industry provided we do not remain complacent but continue to make improvements as and when necessary,” he added.

      His own Walai Tokou Homestay in Kundasang had been making its presence felt all over Malaysia in recent months through the promotion of its tourism products.

      This presence was further enhanced when the outfit was officially declared a Kampungstay — meaning it’s no longer identified through its homes and village but the villages are recognised within the programme as one for Villagestay.

      Walai Tokou, sited within the mountainuous district of Kundasang, has been in operation for several years now and since grown by leaps and bounds, according Kohadie, chairman of the Kampungstay in the area.

      “We started in my village — Kampung Sinisian — several years ago. We were banking on our cultural and traditional heritage at that time, sharing what we had with our tourists.

      “Personally, my passion was bamboo music and we gathered our youths, friends and family to create our own traditional bamboo music. We learned to play the music and performed in and outside the country. I must say we have been quite successful.

      “Maybe our success was through our perseverance to make everything work. We went through tremendous learning stages but in the end, we managed to put up our homestay here — and other villages started to follow suit. More houses in our area started to run their own homestays and soon we were thriving,” he recalled.

      CULTURAL SHOW: Dancers from the Walai Tokou Homestay performing during the festival.
      There are now 15 participants under the Kampungstay with three more villagers signing up recently.
      Kohadie pointed out that the Walai Tokou Kampungstay was banking on Nature and the people’s way of life as its “pulling power.”
      “Our tourism products include visits to the highland vegetable and strawberry farm, the rose garden, the dairy farm, the Poring Hotspring, the Canopy walk and waterfall,” he said, adding that among the other sites being promoted are Sabah Tea Garden, the Luanti Tagal and Fish spa, the War Memorial and the Nunuk Ragang Monument.
      “I’m happy the homestay participants are actively promoting these areas and I hope they will continue to do so – and take care of their compound to ensure a clean and green environment.”
      On the traditional side, Kohadie and his team are promoting bamboo-music songs and dances as well as handicrafts production.
      Two new homestays
      Meanwhile, two new homestays were launched by Malaysia Homestay Association president Dato Haji Shariman Hamdan during the recent Music Festival under the Kampungstay programme.
      The first kampungstay belongs to Sharil Samson Boon while the two other houses to Gemulah and Latifah Hahi Sahajali.
      Shariman said he was happy with the growth of the homestay programme, believing there were various tourism potentials in the state yet to be tapped.
      “Sabah has a unique landscape set amidst a beautiful natural environment – so it has a lot to offer.”
      PLAQUE-SIGNING: Shariman signing the plaque on behalf of the homestay participants.
      He said the villagers must not be shy or feel apprehensive about starting a homestay, pointing out that he started on his own without any encouragement from fellow villagers in Pahang.

      “But they will see our progress if we persevere and show we can do it. It must be remembered that homestays had very low profile a few years ago but now, there are 159 villages involved in Malaysia and I personally have 34 rooms to offer tourists.”

      He noted there were various villages in Sabah that may be suitable for homestays with attractive beaches, seas and islands around to lure the tourists.

      “If the contention is roads, communication, electricity and water, then the relevant authorities have to look into it. But they won’t know about these problems if the villagers don’t provide the feedback.

      “Therefore, the Homestay Association chairman and committee must sit down with the villagers for a dialogue. They have to deliberate on the matter extensively, jotting down all the amenities needed and forwarding them to the relevant authorities. I’m sure those concerned can evaluate the feasibility of the infrastructural layout and provide the villagers with the basic amenities to function within the homestay programme.”

      According to Shariman, villagers requiring financial support to upgrade their facilities could borrow from the various related establishments with low interest rates.

      “There are loan schemes for this sort of enterprise but it must be stressed the funds should be properly channelled to upgrade the homestays and all the initial plans otherwise the participants may encounter difficulties and problems.”
      He stressed the homestay committee of the area had to play their part in providing proper guidance to the participants.
      “There should be teamwork to ensure the programme works — competition must be healthy.”

      He also hoped all homestay participants would provide tourists with what had been promised in their promotion campaigns and brochures.

      “The tourists came because they were attracted by the offerings published or told to them, and as such, what was promised should always be fulfilled. Don’t advertise products or activities that could not be carried out or impossible to carry out,” he said, adding that any endeavour to make a living is laudable but not through fraud.

      On the impact of tourism and other cultures on the locals, he said it was important for homestay participants and those involved to be strong in their cultural and traditional values.

      “We must know our own identity and stick to it. Tourists may have their own views but they come to us and thus they want to know our values. We share our values with them, not the other way round. We don’t emulate them, they should emulate us.”

      Shariman lauded the determination of the Walai Tokou Kampungstay to succeed, hailing it as one of the best places to stay in the Kundasang Ranau region.

      The three-day Music Festival, organised by the Walai Tokou Homestay-Kampungstay in Kundasang, was a scene of pomp and pageantry which made the event (Sept 14 to 16) especially memorable.

      Read more:

      To Know Your Plastics : To Know The Effects

      Friday, January 4, 2013

      Chennai : Bleeding woman ignored on busy road

      A 45-year-old woman was lying on a busy road in Chennai, bleeding for about 30 minutes as motorists and pedestrians passed by without a second look.
      Police said that this reflected the indifferent attitude of the people in the town area, Tamil Nesan reported.
      The woman, known as Muniyamma, was hit by a speeding minivan on Wednesday. She had reportedly alighted from a bus and was crossing the road when the minivan knocked her down. Eventually, a passer-by called for an ambulance that took her to a hospital where she died after being admitted.
      The minivan driver has been arrested.